Updated 3/21/2001


I received this e-mail a while back, and it sent the hairs on my arms skyward...times like this will never happen again.

Oh yeah, the writer of the e-mail is Cole Foster, son of Pat Foster...I did NO editing, didn't think it needed it.

what a child hood growing up at race track , spending summers on tour with setzer car, living behind the greeks in south chicago, his kids were wild and the hood was rough,me and my little brother got a ass kickn the first day there,me and the local bad kids caught the shed on the side of greeks house on fire! was grounded for the month
i remember Indy in 75 just my dad alan gillis me and alans girl friend , i was one over worked 12 year old, i would drive the race car back to pits being towed by truck, terrified , body down , nitetime , them telling me jump in dont hit anything and going 70mph back to pits honking passing other cars just missing fans trash cans, oilbarelles, those things were so hard to ster with there castor , butterfly wheel, and i could nt see shit fuel oil, clutch dust, and tears of terror running down my face.
wild for a 5th grader on tour and pals with jungle , tharp, pulde, snake, , those guys were in there 20s pocket full of $$ women adored them, locals feard them, doing amazing things with racecars , they were true RULLERS and still my heros.
I didnt actully stop at the grand cayon like 5th graders in my class did , but my " what did I do this summer vacation" stories made my teachers faint, tarzan [hot tuna] shooting a 44 out the truck window, or thowing 1\2 sticks of tnt on the hiway for us to try to miss, or Buds creek -four abreast under the lights, crazy fuckers.
I wouldnt have traded my memories , my gold plated back stage pass to dragracing for anything! I couldnt even imagine being in my twentys driving a fuel car trravling around the country with a group like they did, rockstars that didnt have to stuff ther jeans, cause there no questining what those boys were packing.

true american kings,

There's not much to add here...
the true wishes of every young boy who grew up reading about, and watching the exploits of the Funny Car Years.

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